What is it about Don Draper

I know he is so handsome and all that, but I think that I identify with the man who had so much loss and tragedy in his life early on, and literally changed his name and reinvented himself to try for a “normal life”.    But he can’t quite fit in, in the “normal life” that he has created.

There will probably be more about this show, as it has profoundly drawn me in – on Season 5 right now.

More favorite things…right now

Offspring song “Come Out and Play”  It’s got a great hook, it’s got nasty guitar parts,  it wakes me up, makes me want to dance. I keep hitting replay on Pandora.  Fun!

Eagles “New Kid in Town”  A masterpiece beautiful, I want to listen to it too loud for my hearing health but can’t help it.

A few of my favorite things…right now

I am beginning with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and 2 because it encompasses a whole mix of strong associations for me and was a hell of a lot of fun.  One association is that I identify with Starlord as a survivor of tremendous childhood tragedy, with limited and at times bizarre family type experiences.  He has an edge but a good heart.  He has made connections with whomever and whatever he has encountered growing up.  The sense of family and closeness achieved with this oddball group is beautiful and genuine.  I have alway tried to find that along the way. The conflict between the sisters – spot on.  The sister’s shitty father – spot on.  The music is his connection to his Mom, as with me, good times were had with Mom in the green Dodge Dart listening to AM radio in the 70s – awesome!

That’s all for now.